Graphic Design

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Logo and Title design

Your logo is you. It’s your brand identity and it should be more than just clip art with some text. The same can be said for the title on your book cover. Your title design should look unique and suitable for your story or subject matter.


Your logo on merchandise is an excellent way to build your team and promote your books, projects or services. Plus it just boosts your enthusiasm when you see your own logo or characters from your book on stuff you like, like your morning coffee mug.

Banners / Posters / Bookmarks & MORE…

Promotion for your book, projects and author events should include banners for social media and your website; posters or signage are must haves for your events and bookmarks are nice additions to your book sales and orders.

Coloring books and Activity sheets

Sheets are great because you can print them up yourself as needed. You can also create a whole coloring or activity book. Either option is affordable and a fun way to promote your book, business or project.