Cover Design and Book Layout

Book Design: Title Design and Cover Layout / Interior Book Design: Typography, Page Layout and Getting Ready to Publish

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Book Design is the Final Stretch

Quirky? Fun? Serious? Exciting? Intriguing? Educational? Inspiring?

A good book cover hints at what’s inside. Cover design can make the difference between someone picking your book up or passing it over while the layout design helps create an engaging reading experience.

Examples of two page spreads and a spot illustration.

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Full page, half page, spots and one-and-a-half or two-page spreads: what sort of illustration is needed where?

Some scenes might require a two page spread, or even several spreads, while others might need a spot or even a simple ornament or wingding for effect. Maybe some pages will just be text.

These are design issues that ideally get worked out with the illustration concept art, but the creation of a book is a process and it’s not wrong if the design comes later.

Below are layouts for the same book at different dimensions and with different layout designs.

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