Concept Art and Storyboarding

Hiring an illustrator is a big investment. I do test sketches for a fee. If you have a project you’re developing, contact me. I’d love to hear about your story and I’m always happy to answer your questions.

Concept Art, Character Design, Storyboards, Scene Sketches and Book Design

Concept art is the first step to creating a beautiful book ready to be published.

This includes character concepts and conceptualizing the scenes to define the visual flow of the story.

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Character Concepts

are important for determining the look and feel of the characters as well ensuring consistency from scene to scene

Storyboards Are Essential

The storyboard is the most important step in creating an illustrated story.

This is where you work out what scenes to include and visual flow. Once you know that, the rest of the process is refining the images to perfection.

To the right is a very sketchy stick figure storyboard.

After a process of revision, the storyboard is refined.

Above: Preliminary Storyboard

Above: Concept sketches

Below is a color storyboard showing the detailed illustrations and sketches. You can begin to see how the book is going to look when it’s complete.

Detailed Sketches

Concept sketches: click on a thumbnail to view the image.

Test Sketches

Test Sketch Gallery: Click on a thumbnail to view the image.